10 beauty Prom tips

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Number 1: Hair spray should probably be your best friend. If you are attempting a complicated and even big hairdo on your prom night, be sure to use lots of hair spray so you don't have a hair meltdown. You can even take a small bottle of hair spray and some bobby pins to stay picture-perfect all night long. 

Number 2: Fill in your eyebrows. This has proven to give faces more definition as well as improve appearance in prom pictures. Now, do not overdo them; simply outline then shade them in with a blending make-up brush.

Number 3: Smell sweet all night long. If you want your perfume to last longer, dab a bit of Vaseline on the areas you will spray. This will give the perfume something to hold on to and last longer as you dance the night away.

Number 4: Switch the texture of your eyeshadow. If you normally just use a powder-based eyeshadow, for prom night switch to a creamy texture. This will help your make-up look to last longer. 

Number 5: Prime everything. In order to ensure that your make-up stays on all night, use a face and eyelid primer. This will not only help your make-up last, but also brighten the colours of your eyeshadow and lipstick if you also use a lip primer.

Number 6: For whiter-looking teeth, try lipstick colours with blue undertones. Red, purple, magenta and plum will help make your teeth appear whiter. 

Number 7: Want to dance all night long? If so, add a bit of deodorant to the side of your feet so blisters do not form and, most important, break in your shoes before the big night.

Number 8: Use bobby pins the right way! Often, girls use bobby pins the wrong way, which causes them to slip out easily and ruin a hairstyle. To prevent this from happening, turn the straight side up and the bumpy side down, so that it stays in your hair.

Number 9: Do not experiment with risky hair-colour changes. If you are considering completely changing your hair colour a day or two days before the prom, do not! This is to ensure that your prom pictures will be perfect and not used to remind you of that time when you became a blonde.

Number 10: Use a lip liner. Lip liners are not just great for helping you to achieve the perfect lip, but also for decreasing the chance that your lipstick will smear, ruining your pictures and dress. 

Bonus tip:

Have fun! More than anything else, make sure to remember that prom night is a night to have fun, so take the pictures early and head out to the dance floor for a great time.