5 chivalrous acts that men need to bring back

Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer

Relationships are becoming more modernised, and with the movement towards equality, many men do not bother to practise chivalry, since most women want to do things for themselves.However, chivalry is still appreciated and makes men 10 times more attractive. With that said, here are five acts of chivalry that men need to bring back.

1. Getting to know the parents

Nowadays, young men are not trying to get to know the parents; they won't take the time to gain their trust and approval. It does not necessarily mean trying to get permission, but establishing a certain level of understanding with them is the least you can do.

2. Complimenting in a sincere and non-creepy way

Instead of focusing on her physical appearance, why not compliment her on something that has more depth. "Congratulations on that A you got in that test" or "I really admire your basketball skills" can go a far way. Give a sincere and heartfelt compliment.

3. Checking in after an outing

Ensure you hear from her after a date, just to make sure she is home safely and feeling OK. Isn't that what a knight in shining armour would care about, his lady's safety?

4. Flowers

When was the last time you saw a guy giving his girl flowers, apart from in the movies? Flowers are the simplest and sweetest way to show affection with minimal effort. There is no need to wait on a special occasion for flowers.

5. Sidewalks

Walking on the outside of the sidewalk is an almost forgotten practice, not known by many of our young men. It's a subtle gesture which shows that you are looking out for her and want to protect her.