7 reasons why being single in your teens is amazing

Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer

The great philosopher Aristotle once said that knowledge of self is the beginning of all wisdom. This is the time when discoveries are made and finding out who you truly are, and what you are made of, become a priority. As a teen, being single gives you time to figure out exactly what you want because, at this stage, time is at your disposal. Here are seven reasons why being single in your teens is truly amazing.

1 You are learning about who you are Figuring out who you are is hard enough without the added pressure of having a boy/girlfriend. Once you are single, you do not need to seek approval for trying new experiences and this can help to mould you into the person you want to become.

2 You have so much time When in a relationship, you spend so much of your free time with 'bae' that you tend to miss out on a lot of the awesome things that life has to offer. If you are single, you have more time to do just about anything your heart desires. You can even earn some extra cash, by doing chores or babysitting your neighbour's child, to buy something you really want. You are also free to spend quality time catching up on a series that you've been dying to watch.

3 You are saving a lot of money When in relationships, people feel obliged to spoil their beaus on occasion or even take them out on dates. Every 'mickle mek a muckle', and if you add up the amount of money you could possibly spend while dating, it would be quite a bit that you would have in your pocket, because you are single.

4 You can have a crush on anyone whenever you want
You are free to talk to anyone you might be interested in without anybody becoming jealous at your expense. Remember, you are still researching the type of person you might want for your future.

5 You're more focused on your goals You have a one-track mind on what you need to accomplish without the distraction of being in a relationship. It could be to master the guitar or even to get all ones in CSEC/CAPE. Any goal you set out to accomplish, the chances of you completing it are a lot higher when you are single.

6 Tailor your own future A lot of us tend to incorporate whoever we're with into our future. This could involve changing our ambitions to accommodate our significant other and not pursing a lifelong dream. Being single at this stage in life allows you to have a tunnel vision on your own future.

7 Not wasting time The best part of being single is that you are not wasting time on someone who is not worth it. The time you spend being single will be spent becoming the best version of yourself, until you are ready to share your creation with someone else.