Bog Walk High School - 'Arise, create & build


Chad Bryan, Youthlink Writer

As part of the Government's New Deal in Education Programme to meet the needs of children between ages 12 and 15 requiring secondary education, Bog Walk High School was established in 1970 as a junior secondary institutions.

Member of Parliament at the time, Enid Bennett, was integral in the concept for the school. Under her influence, Donald Turner, owner of Tulloch Estates, sold what was then a cattle pasture, paving the way for the construction of the school. Notwithstanding numerous challenges during the construction phase, the school was completed in 1971.

On September 14, 1971, when the school opened its doors 680 students, 16 teachers, three members of the administrative staff and seven ancillary workers were welcomed. Owen Cousins, the first principal, served for 20 years before his successor, Arthur Fuller, took up the mantle.

Several expansion projects were undertaken between 1972 and 1973, which resulted in the creation of a playing field and a netball court. Since then, United Estates Limited has maintained the playing field.

By 1995, it was upgraded and renamed Bog Walk Comprehensive High School to accommodate the first batch of common entrance awardees and grade-nine achievers. It has subsequently been outfitted with a computer laboratory, a reading room, an auto mechanics laboratory and 10 classrooms to meet the needs of a growing population and the demands of a changing society.

Living up to its motto 'Arise, Create and Build', in May 2000, it was further upgraded to Bog Walk High School, catering to a student population of 1,500 under the tutelage of more than 60 members of the academic staff with qualifications ranging from master's degrees to diplomas. 

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