WOULD YOU RATHER: How do you feel about school clubs?

Beneficiaries of the Tryall Fund from St James and Hanover.

For some of us, school clubs are a reprieve from schoolwork and one of the best parts of school, while for others, they are simply excess school baggage. This week, we will help you to put into perspective exactly how you feel about school clubs and the requirements attached to them.

Your school encourages a maximum of three clubs and a minimum of two so that students will be involved, but also have time to focus on their academics. You are already in two clubs, but your parents want you to take up another so that you are as involved as you can be.

Your friend is encouraging... read more


Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook.

1. In any given month, approximately 1.28 billion people are active on Facebook – roughly equivalent to the entire population of India, the world’s second mostpopulous country.

2. The bird featured in Twitter’s iconic logo and branding is called Larry. Sadly, Larry wasn’t named after WordStream’s own Larry Kim, but rather legendary Boston Celtics forward Larry Bird.         

3 .Instagram launched on October 6, 2010. By December 21, 2010, the service had more than one million users. It took Twitter more than two years to accomplish this level of growth.

4. There are... read more

A monumental public-speaking competition for high-schoolers

Mrs Merlene Heholt (left), managing director, Jamaica Fire Equipment Ltd, and Ms Rosemary Duncan, manager, Rita Marley Foundation (Ja).

For four consecutive years, the Rita Marley Foundation (Ja) has held highly successful public-speaking competitions among high-schoolers across Jamaica. The aim is to develop outstanding oratory skills and the ability to represent Jamaica regionally and internationally. Former winners of the competition have excelled academically and in the oratory arena, including pursuing studies in medicine and winning the Optimist International Caribbean District Oratorical Contest.

The fifth event is slated for February 15, 2019. According to Rosemary Duncan, manager at the Rita Marley... read more

WOULD YOU RATHER: How would you spend your new years?

Sooner than we think, it will be another year, another celebration, another set of resolutions, another set of choices. Let’s see if entering the upcoming new year will help us get any better at some of the things that life throws at us.

You and your friends have been planning a New Year’s party for a while now; your friend even arranged for your favourite Jamaican artiste to perform. A week before New Year’s Day, your aunt invites your entire family to New York to ring in the new year in Times Square with the traditional countdown. You don’t want to miss your party; however, the... read more

DEAR COUNSELLOR: Teens & parent separation

Dear Counsellor,
I am a 15-year-old youth and my world is falling apart. I board away from home, and recently on my midterm visit, I learnt that my father moved out of our home and is now living in a nearby community with his girlfriend. I am devastated. I am angry, numb, not interested in school, and I have been experimenting with marijuana. My mother is crying all the time, and is having difficulty in finding money to support the family. I want my father to come back home.
Yours truly, K.W.

Dear K.W.,
Grief is personal and what you are experiencing is typical of... read more

I can’t get over my grandma’s death

Dear Counsellor,
I had lived with my grandmother since I was a year old. My mother is overseas and I get to visit with her for the holidays, and she comes and goes. My father was killed in a motor vehicle accident in October 2014. My grandmother passed away two weeks ago and the pain I am feeling is too great. I am now living with my aunt. My aunt had lived with us (Grandma and me) before, so I am in the same home. My aunt insists that “I should get over it and move on”. Grandma provided for my schooling and needs in her will. I am not functioning well in school and I do not feel... read more


Dr Karla Hylton explains a topic to Zoe.

Just a few years ago, a then 14-year-old Zoe Alberga had little interest in academics and was more focused on socialising with her friends. By grade 10, however, hit by the sudden realisation that Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams were fast approaching, Zoe decided to get serious about her studies. That shift in mindset, coupled with months of hard work, has led Zoe to CSEC success: earning seven distinctions in biology, chemistry, physics, accounts, mathematics, English language, and literature, and a two in French.

“To be honest, I was very surprised about my... read more

WOULD YOU RATHER: Are you addicted to social media?

Social media may very well be the most defining feature of our generation. Many of us are accused of being addicted to social media and the many people and experiences available to us through it. The scenarios below may help you realise just how much you love social media and all that it offers.

You enjoy social media and have gained hundreds of followers over the years because of the pictures and funny videos you’ve posted. You’ve applied for a summer job as an intern for one of Jamaica’s biggest corporations. As an intern, you are told you would mainly be filing papers. However,... read more

Teens and relationships with benefits

Dear Counsellor:
I am a 16-year-old female. I live in a rural community, one in which there has been very little development and not enough opportunity for financial or social growth. I just completed my CSEC examinations and I must say it was a challenge. I received two distinctions and three credits. I am also a PATH beneficiary. My ambition is to continue my education at the six-form level to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. This is my challenge ... the young ladies in my community are expected, at my age, to be either living with a boyfriend or pregnant. My parents are not... read more

Motorsports at 14 Alan Gordon is aiming for the top

Our Jamaican youth are constantly showing us that it’s never too early to start grooming our passions into an active lifestyle. Fourteen-year-old Jamwest motorsport driver Alan Gordon is on the road to doing just that.

"I like the adrenaline rush, the feeling you get when you’re pulling up to the starting grid and your heart starts pumping really hard."

“My dad first bought me a convertible car, a small one, and I started drifting around on the dirt,” Gordon told Youthlink, describing how he became interested in motor racing at seven years old. However, it wasn’t until two to... read more


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