Final I-Octane school tour rocks Claude McKay High


Rushaine Clarke, Youthlink Writer

Located in James Hill, Clarendon, Claude McKay High School became the latest stop for the final staging of the I-Octane school tour. 'I-Octane!' were the shouts of a few onlooking students as the promotional bus drove through the school gate with the huge stickers of the artiste on both sides. Set up was finished on arrival by sponsors Digicel, HEART Trust/NTA and Bigga. All that was needed were the enthusiastic duo, DJ Badda Bling from D-Unit Sound System and Arrayma Smith from Fiwi Choice.

Getting the students to participate was no problem for the comedic two, as they never ceased being miraculously spontaneous with the activities they presented. One such activity was betting on the songs being played, whereby most of the students challenged Badda Bling, with their money in hand, that no song the team played would surprise them. Songs like Chronixx's Smile Jamaica, Tarrus Riley's Never Leave I, Vybz Kartel's Money PonMi Brain and Vannessa Bling's Independent Lady.

Another hilarious act was when one student, who aspired to be a soldier, was commanded to do 10 push-ups, and with every five Badda seemed to forget what came afterwards and started over. (Not so funny for the young man.)

The day's proceedings were on point with laughter all around. Next up on the funny list was an immensely entertaining dance performance by two teachers who did a splendid job of 'mashing up di place.' Afterwards were a few dance scenarios by students, which complemented the vibe and excitement in the environment. The students of Claude McKay were extremely talented and displayed very interesting dance moves, even performing a few of Michael Jackson's famous moves such as the 'Moon Walk.'

Students such as Johnnoy Harris and Ackeem Lewin were splendid in their dance expressions which commanded the attention and support of many of their schoolmates, who watched in anticipation.The Jamaica Tallawah's Nikita Miller and Orace Miller were also in attendance to greet the students and take pictures.

After much anticipation, the moment of truth when DJ I-Octane took the stage and sent shockwaves of excitement all around the entire school campus. The DJ's appearance alone was enough to stir up the students, but before the fun could begin, he had his usual motivational talk with them and encouraged them to find a HEART institute and learn a trade. After his speech subsided, the DJ went on to congratulate top student Crissan Cambell who was granted many of the usual prizes, but also a scholarship to Ebony Park Academy. Next, the DJ rocked the school grounds with a few of his popular songs, such as Suffer Too Long, Woman A GiMi Bun, and I've Been Hurt By friends. There were also performances by members of his entourage, DJ Quick Cook, and recent Magnum Kings and Queens Gallawasp, the I-Octane school tour's final staging was the ultimate finish at Claude McKay High School.

Despite the heavy rain during the performances, the students of Claude McKay High remained undaunted and faithful to the very end. As for the I-Octane team, sponsors and myself, we can now sit back, relax, and pat ourselves on the back for a job very well done.


Digicel, Youthlink, Busta, HEART Trust/NTA, Saint International, Fiwi Choice, Good Good Productions, Di Unit Sound System, and CVM TV. 

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