Flow Skool Aid 2016


Antonio Gayle, Youthlink Writer

Back at it again! On August 28, there was another staging of the annual Flow Skool Aid at Jamworld in Portmore, St Catherine. As always, patrons filled the venue, hoping to enjoy the day's activities and festivities with family and friends. They enjoyed performances by Christopher Martin, Bugle and Ding Dong, and many also went home with prizes from Flow. Since the aim of Skool Aid was going home with a bag full of back-to-school goodies, the stage show was just a bonus for all.

Flow Skool Aid turned out to be a great way to close off the summer and accept the reality that 'free paper bun!'; and what better way to end the night and the summer of 2016 than with an awesome display of fireworks.

Students, we at Youthlink hope you enjoyed your summer and wish for you a great school year. 

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