Honey Bun School Dayz Tour returns with more thrills


Biko Kennedy, Youthlink Writer

Season eight of the Honey Bun School Dayz Tour is on its way with more prizes and an endless supply of surprises. So far, the initiative has garnered much support and continues to grow steadily.

"I can proudly say that we've given away over 50 computers through the Honey Bun School Dayz Programme to schools and students islandwide," shared an enthused Krystal Chong, chief marketing officer of Honey Bun; certainly, that's a feat to be reckoned with.

"The changes we've made this year speak to two objectives," Chong shares, "one - more winners, thus more prizes, and two: a deepened corporate social responsibility through our singathon programme."

With sponsors Honey Bun, Honey Bun Goldie, The Gleaner's Youthlink, Freshhh and Zip 103 FM, Chong reveals "This year we're doing 250-300 school visits. That's three schools every school day of the year until the end of April 2013. Most schools will get two school visits so students who didn't win through the on-the-spot draws or in their singathon entry the first round have a second chance to win." Not impressed? This might spark your interest: "Additionally, we're giving away over 30 of the latest computers and tablets (10 computers and 20 tablets). While some tablets and many other prizes can be won from on-the-spot draws during Honey Bun's infamous school concerts, we're doubling your winning opportunities!"
So, essentially, what they're doing is "pooling all the entries every month - islandwide - and doing a random draw to award two tablets every month until the end of April 2013. So, even if Honey Bun doesn't visit your school on a particular month, or if you drop entries in participating supermarkets, every month you have a chance to win those cool new tablets. We're featuring winners' photos right here in the Youthlink and on the Honey Bun Facebook page monthly, so keep entering all year long to increase your chances of winning big!"

Patois versus English

With the theme 'Patois versus English' setting the tone of the competition, Honey Bun's corporate social responsibility takes another route on the highway towards emphasizing the importance education holds. "In the past, we've encouraged Jamaica's youths to take their education seriously and we've used our sinagthon competition as a fun way to reinforce the fact that having a good education is the key to maximizing your future opportunities," Chong explains.

"This year, we've revamped it to focus on a very important issue that our youths grapple with, one that may seriously affect their career prospects. More and more, Jamaican students are having trouble differentiating between our nation's beloved Patois and the standard English language - also known as the language of commerce. While we are proud of our unique Jamaican Patois as part of our heritage, we must also have a firm grasp of this language of commerce as this is what is required for jobs both locally and internationally," she adds. She further clarifies, "The 'Patois versus English'- themed Honey Bun Singathon asks students to perform their original piece about why having an education is important to them in both Patois and English, aiming to bring awareness of this topic to students islandwide."