How to drop desperate a girlfriend

Latara Boodie

Youthlink Writer

Are you seeing schizophrenic signs in your relationship? Is she extremely happy one minute, but in the blink of an eye, she is crying her eyes out, screaming that you do not understand her at all? Sounds a bit dramatic, I know, but anything close to this might mean that you are probably dating a desperate woman. What might have seemed sweet in beginning, along the lines of being needed, has become stifling and less cute the further you go into the relationship.
This type of woman is completely dependent on you for her emotional well-being. She needs you to boost her self-esteem and is terrified that you may leave her. The majority of things she does are designed to make you stay interested in and focused on her. Have a feeling your girlfriend is desperate? Look out for these signs:
1. Makes super early commitment
She professed love and devotion really early in the relationship. She became incredibly in love with you, without really getting to know who you are, and she told her friends and everyone within earshot that the both of you are more committed than you really were.
2. Adopts your life, opinions and your friends as her own
A desperate woman will seem as if she had no life before you came along. She's completely dropped everything she was interested in before you started dating her. She will agree with every opinion, adopt your lifestyle and participate in your life as if she was always there. She'll try to make your friends her advocates and embed herself into your life before you even realise it.
3. Has had a number of boyfriends and none of them measured up
She will go into detail about how lacking the men before you were. She will compare your favourable attributes to what they were missing. She is just trying to flatter you into being the man she wants you to become for her.
4. Has problems being alone
She is constantly texting or calling you. She becomes very insecure when she is by herself and looks to you or others for her self-worth.
5. Always seeking attention
She is always fishing for a compliment and needs constant affirmation from you and others. She will be extremely distraught if she does not receive the affection she desires from you or the people around her.
6. All these gifts
A desperate woman will always do you favours and give you gifts without wanting anything in return. She is trying to make you feel obligated to love her, as if you owes her.
7. Stalks the man she is focused on
Social media is her playground. Whatever page you have, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, she will always be on it. She will be the first to like whatever post you make, and makes it her duty to investigate all the persons who liked that post too.
8. Forgives easily
Even in cases where she is severely hurt by you, she will forgive you very quickly in order to keep you in her life. You will be able to get away with anything because she sets no boundaries.