I-Octane at Titchfield High

Rushaine Clarke, Youthlink Writer

Exciting, enlightening, dramatic don't even begin to sum up the I-Octane school tour promotion which 'shelled dung di place' at Titchfield High School. The promotion, on a whole, was extremely action-packed and definitely gets a 10 out of 10. Just travelling with the I-Octane crew to Titchfield was interesting in and of itself. Though it was a long drive from Kingston to Port Antonio, Portland, the team made every minute of it exciting and hype. I even learnt a new gimmick ('Pickle Mickle', lol).

Comedic bling!

The MCs DJ Badda Bling and Arrayma Smith from 'Fiwi Choice' were ready with activities which immensely raised students' participation to an amazing level. DJ Badda Bling was a complete comedian; not even a rock could resist laughing. The spontaneity in everything he did and his whole dramatic persona gave the impression that his whole life is an animation. He was stupendous and would fit perfectly on the 'Ity and Fancy Cat Show'.

There was also a Digicel freestyle competition. Participants had to create, on the spot, a jingle about the new Digicel $0 rate plan. The lucky winner, after the completion of the entire school tour, stands to win a Samsung Galaxy S6 and also the opportunity to shoot a commercial with the amazing I-Octane. (Now that's what I call a prize!!!)

Other activities included 'Best I-Octane Impersonation', 'Don't Stop the Vibes Dance Competition', 'Busta' freestyle jingles and Busta giveaways. The impersonation session was excellent and had the students in a fit. Witnessing their friends imitating the artiste's performance style on stage was more than enough to send them into a frenzy of laughter; not to mention the popular songs by Chronixx, Jah Vinci and Vybz Kartel which echoed across the compound.

Grand moment

In the midst of all the fun came the grand moment everyone was looking forward to. The emperor of vibe, energy and excitement, the great I-Octane, appeared on stage. Just his name being announced was enough to instantly solicit screams of excitement to rupture an eardrum.

Just before performing, the artiste took 15 minutes to remind the students about the need to have a proper education. "My mom used to sell on the street, yet I stayed focused and made something positive out of myself. It's not where you're coming from but where you want to go," he humbly encouraged them. He went on to congratulate and award top student Jackie Monelal with a new Digicel handset, phone credit, as well as money, courtesy of Good Good productions.

Then came a 30-minute performance of a few of his popular songs including Once More, Suffer too Long, Mama You Alone and Pree. His performance level was off the charts and definitely had the students on edge, begging for more. As great as he was, he gave his colleagues a chance to take the mic and entertain the students. Micky Ras, Blade, Broyka, East and Rhyming King (up-and-coming artistes in his entourage) all gave splendid performances that were favourably received by the students.


Digicel, Youthlink, Busta, Hearti Choice, HEART Trust/NTA, St International, Fiwi Choice, Good Good Productions, Di Unit Sound System and CVM TV. 

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