Immaculate Junior Achievement Company launches Toujour Butin


Chad Bryan, Youthlink Writer

Members of Immaculate Conception's Junior Achievement Company of Entrepreneurs (JACE) recently launched a line of tote bags, Toujour Butin which translates to 'forever chic', at the institution's cafeteria. The line comprises two other brands: Forever Swag and Forever Hype.

Their launch coincided with an islandwide competition in more than 70 high schools, for which there will be a national awards ceremony. At the ceremony, individuals will be selected to represent the country at an international conference. Sacha Phillips explained that JACE is a programme geared towards preparing high-school students for the business world.

"The Junior Achievement Company is an international organisation dedicated to preparing young people for the work force and entrepreneurship," she said. "Junior Achievement Jamaica puts on a competition to guide students in running a business."

Junior Achievement Jamaica's webpage explains its businesses mandate in detail.

It notes that it will prepare young people for the real world by showing them how to generate wealth and effectively manage it; how to create jobs which engender a more robust community; and how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the workplace.

During the event, hosted by sixth-former Khadija Alexander, students provided entertainment in the form of dub poetry and singing, and DJ Mumba Samba provided turntable music for ladies to rock the runway, showing off the various totes. Students were then encouraged to vote for various designs. 

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