ISSA/FLOW Super Cup Tour

Tashana Hutchinson, Youthlink Writer

The excitement and anticipation of the ISSA/FLOW Super Cup continued among the competitive boys of Jamaica College (JC). After telecommunications provider FLOW kicked off the Super Cup tour at Clarendon College, two days later they headed up to Old Hope Road on October 9, 2015, for round two of the promotional endeavour.

After morning assembly ended, the fun and games began among the students of JC, FLOW marketers and representatives and their host for half of the morning, Badda Bling. Bling captured the attention of the students and hyped them up with interactive activities such as question-and-answer segments, push-up competitions and rap contests. Some of the participants in these activities walked away with prizes, for example, Kern Wilson, who won a phone, courtesy of FLOW.

Another highlight of the tour was the brief appearance of the 'new and improved' Cup, which FLOW sponsorship manager Stephen Miller presented. The JC football team danced and cheered around it with clear confidence that they will be the ones to secure it.

The day wasn't only about fun and games, however. Some of the passionate team members also spent time declaring why they strongly believe that JC would, once again, walk away with the FLOW Super Cup for another consecutive year. According to goalkeeping coach Courtney Dowdie, "I definitely believe that our team has what it takes to win again this year. We constantly improve with the amount of work we put in each day.The biggest challenge I feel we have is the lack of self-belief. The talent is obviously there, but there are often times of doubt." Other members like Odario Phillips, Jahmali Waite and Ronaldo Brown also expressed their belief in the football team and its high possibility of victory.

The ISSA/FLOW Super Cup is scheduled to run from October 24 to November 14 at three locations: Sabina Park, the National Stadium and Catherine Hall Sports Complex. 

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