KFC's Meet the Zingers horseback adventure

Mickella Anderson, Youthlink Writer

The flavour adventures of KFC's new Hawaiian, Western and Inferno Zingers have met their physical matches. As part of the Meet the Zingers campaign by KFC, the social media contest gave fans the opportunity to channel their interpretation of the sandwiches through dance. Three winners were selected and each was afforded an adventure in line with the theme of each sandwich. Dajanae Malcolm was the second-place winner and the recipient of a Horseback Ride 'n' Swim adventure tour at Chukka Cove, Ocho Rios, with four of her friends. The adventure was in line with the Western Zinger.

What would have been an ordinary Saturday for the group of friends transformed into a Saturday to remember. KFC left no stones unturned as, even before heading out, each adventurer was given a Zinger pack comprising KFC-branded towels, selfie sticks, water bottles, sunglasses and meal vouchers. Armed with the tools of adventure and a fun-loving bus driver who insisted on being called 'Bugs Bunny', the day ahead promised to be quite an experience for the group.

Horseback Ride 'n' Swim

The friends were treated to lunch at KFC in Eight Rivers Plaza before pulling up to Chukka Cove to begin the horseback tour. Though the afternoon sun had peaked, the horses were adequately trained and properly guided. Don't be confused but Horseback Ride 'n' Swim did not mean that the adventurers would be swimming - at least not alone. After trailing the hills, the horseback adventure continued in the sea. Later, when asked about her day, contest winner Dajanae revealed that the 'swim' had been the highlight. "It's my second time horseback riding, but it's my first time being on the horse in the water, so that was the high point for me."

KFC's marketing manager, Trina Lowe, confidently told Youthlink, "It was a perfect day. We wanted to transform persons from meeting the Zingers in the restaurant to the physical adventure, so we went to Mystic Mountain for the Inferno. Today, we went to Chukka for the Western, and next, we will be going to Dolphin Cove to celebrate the Hawaiian Zinger."

The Inferno, Hawaiian and Western Zingers are all limited-time offers. 

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