Konshens' Music To Fund a Cause

Popular entertainer and LIME brand ambassador Konshens has always had philanthropic tendencies; so much so that he has earned great admiration from fans and beneficiaries for his efforts. Continuing on this path, the artiste has conceptualised a high-school tour, dubbed 'Music to Fund a Cause', which will see several schools benefiting from a series of concerts.

The tour kicked off at Camperdown High School in Kingston. The event got massive support not only from the Camperdown students, but also from those attending other schools in surrounding areas. The entertainment-packed event featured performances by Konshens along with members of the SubKonshus group, including Delus, Darrio and Javada. A number of special guest artistes also stopped by in the name of charity, among them Ding Dong with the Ravers Crew, Kranium and Denyque.

While the performances were undoubtedly well received, it wasn't purely about entertainment as each artiste took time during the sets to give the students advice about staying in school and why education is key.

Speaking after his performance, Konshens said that the tour will assist with a particular project for the school, such as the development a computer lab.

"We are working to raise funds for each school for a particular project or need the school might have. As artistes, these students look up to us. We have the power to make a difference in their lives, so I am very glad I am able to give back the way I am," Konshens said. 

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