Laud Dance Ministries hosts their seventh annual dance performance


Lamando Shepherd, Youthlink Writer

On October 18, 2015, Laud Dance Ministries hosted the seventh annual dance performance titled 'A Servant's Heart', at the Little Theatre.

Patrons came out to be entertained by numerous gospel-themed dance pieces, and the performers ensured that there was never a dull moment throughout the night. Performances ranged from reggae, gospel and even cultural with a myriad of well-choreographed dance routines, which was done by Nickeisha Jones, Kenisha Ramsay, Michael Reid, Arlene Richards, Robertha Daley, Latoya Samms, Janelle McLean, Dextrose Francis.

Besides the dance pieces, patrons where really amused by the age groups of the performers, especially the kindergartners (babies). Laud Dance Ministries would like to inform their supporters that if they are interest in joining the Laud Dance family, you may contact them at They are located at 129 Sundown Crescent, and proceeds for the event will be contributed for obtaining an area for themselves. 

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