'Lemonade': 7 indicators you are 'Becky with the good hair'

Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer

Beyonce's fire album Lemonade sent shock waves around the world. Her jaw-dropping lyrics about a husband's infidelity notably destroyed a few relationship goals which were created by a lot of people, based on her marriage to Jay Z. The idea of 'Becky with the good hair' took social media by storm and led to several controversies regarding the identity of this 'Becky'. However, fret not. Until Bey goes on record about who or what 'Becky' means, nothing is written in stone.

One thing is clear, 'Becky' is a 'side chick' - a woman who knowingly enters a relationship with a man she knows is already in a committed relationship. This is not a new phenomenon. Local artistes such as Vanessa Bling, in Future Guaranteed and Side Chick, give details about who a side chick is and what she does.
Have you any reason to question whether you are the love of his life or just someone to occupy his time? Here are seven telltale signs that you may just be 'Becky with the good hair'.

1. 'I'm busy'

This is the response you usually get when you try to contact him. Phone calls go straight to voicemail or text messages go unanswered for hours, even days, at a time. If you can never get through to him, but he can always get through to you when he wants, then ...

2. Non-stop buzzing

If his phone is always in his hand, going off and phone calls are taken at a distance from you or are usually very short, then ...

3. No photos on social media

Posting photos of the two of you together seems to be a big red flag for him. He would rather be discreet, online, about your association with him. If he claims he wants to keep it low-key and not draw any attention to your relationship, then ... .

4. You hardly see him

He always has something doing and can only make time to see you once or twice within two weeks. If there is always an excuse about why he cannot see you, and plans that you make together don't seem to follow through, then ...

5. Online, but not for you

You see him online and send him messages, but he takes forever to respond or does not respond at all. If you are wondering who he is talking to at 12:30 a.m. besides you, then ...

6. Mostly physical

Your relationship is a whirlwind of fire, excitement and endorphins, but that's about it when you get together; there are no deep, meaningful conversations or talk about plans for the future. If conversations are light-hearted, superficial and lack real substance, then ...

7. No dates or special occasions

Why spend money on something that is not an investment? If he has never taken you on a date or done anything for you on special occasions, then ...