Louise Bennett-Coverley All-Age basks in School Dayz presence


Biko Kennedy, Youthlink Writer

Gordon Town came to life on Friday, October 19, as the Honey Bun team's high energy coursed through Louise Bennett-Coverley All-Age School.

"We weren't 100 per cent ready to facilitate the tour today, in terms of not having any entry pieces for the singathon segment of the tour," explained ASTEP teacher Mrs Patricia Ferguson-Grindley. "You guys were here last year and we enjoyed ourselves, and this year is nothing less than what was expected from the team. I was promised that a second visit would be done possibly next year and I do intend to hold the team to its word!" she continued, laughing hysterically.

The students seemed to have fully enjoyed the brief stay as they jumped, cheered and danced the morning away. "I remember when you guys were here last year and it was fun - mainly because I won the bun-eating contest," expressed Kerome Taylor. "This year with your return, I entered the contest once again and mash up the bun again! I just can't get enough of Honey Bun products; they are simply just the best!" he continued.

The Honey Bun School Dayz tour is coming to a school near you. Look out and stay tuned to ZIP 103 and the Gleaner's Youthlink for weekly updates. 

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