Press Release


FLOW Super Cup is back!

Lamando Shepherd

Youthlink Writer

October 21 will mark the renewal of the much-anticipated Flow Super Cup, and the telecommunications giant is dishing out all the details of this season's showdown.
At a September 29, 2016 press conference, a panel of organisers provided valuable information and tackled challenging questions from members of the football fraternity and, by extension, the wider society. Although they managed to shed some light on this season's updates, Youthlink was still able to squeeze in a few words with sponsorship and event manager Stephen Miller, who gave us more of the 411.

Youthlink: What new changes should Jamaica look forward to in this year's competition?
Stephen Miller: We wanted to implement some changes which would continue to bring it to international level or international standards. One of the major changes is in the ticketing and gate-management process. We will no longer be selling at the gate this year. Tickets go on sale from October 7, and are going to be in key, accessible, retail locations in Kingston, St Catherine and Montego Bay. We are also creating ticket hubs that will be located in walking distance from the venue on game days so persons can get their tickets.

Youthlink: Are there any changes in the prizes for winning teams?
Stephen Miller: There has been no change, but the winner of the Super Cup (the school) will take home $1,000,000 and every single team which qualifies for the Super Cup will get $25,000; and as they progress through the rounds, the money will double.