Press Release: FLOW's 'Journey to Champs'

Reigning ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys' Championship winners Calabar High School have received a pre-'Champs' boost from telecommunications firm FLOW, as they prepare for the ultimate high school athletics showdown - the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Championship 2017. The team this week accepted a donation of $100,000 along with a rehydration kit to bolster its effort as the athletes train to defend their title.

FLOW was joined by former Calabar athletes and Olympians Warren Weir and Fedrick Dacres for the visit which took place on Wednesday, March 8. Weir represented Calabar as a hurdler, while Dacres represented in the throwing events for the school located on Red Hills Road. Both spent time dispensing words of advice and encouragement during the visit to their alma mater.
Weir expressed delight at the newly installed track at the school saying, "During my time, we were here on the grass and so I am excited at the effect that this improved facility will have on the performance of the students in the future." Similarly, Dacres expressed high hopes for the performance of this year's team.
Stephen Miller, sponsorship manager at FLOW, shared that the initiative was a continuation of the company's annual pre-Champs tradition dubbed 'Journey to Champs'. Through the programme, FLOW will be making visits to the home bases of last year's top participants and has partnered with several senior athletes to host motivational sessions at each stop in the tour.
"Embrace the 'journey' as you prepare", Miller told the students. "The desired end result can only come at the end of a hard journey, and beyond this, the lessons you learn as you prepare are, in fact, lessons for life," he added.
FLOW also recently launched a consumer promotion titled 'Winnings a Run', which features newly signed FLOW brand ambassador Elaine Thompson, double Olympic champion, and offers customers cash and prizes as they celebrate the 2017 athletics season.

Left: Warren Weir (centre), Aykeeme Francis (left), LA Franz Campbell (second right, captain) and Orlando Bennett (right).

Right: Fedrick Dacres (left) and Christopher Taylor.