Rusea's High School - Learning, changing with the tide


Rusea's High School was founded by Frenchman Martin Rusea, who was forced to leave France because of religious persecution, as recompense for the kindness shown to him by the people of Hanover. In his 1764 will, he bequeathed all he had for the establishment of a trust school for the children of Hanover.

In 1777, parliament passed an act making his will legal and a board of trustees was selected to set up the school we know today, after it had been merged with Hanover Secondary School in 1982.

The school now accommodates more than 2,000 students and a teaching staff of 91. This includes Principal June S. Thompson, two vice-principals and three guidance counsellors. In addition to the regular academic curriculum, Rusea's also offers 10 vocational subjects.

The sixth-form programme was restarted in 2001 and offers natural science, business studies, the humanities, modern languages and environmental science. Upon completion of at least seven units, students will qualify for an associate degree.

Rusea's is known for its strong sports programme and has won the daCosta Cup several times, as well as titles for hockey, cricket, netball, table tennis, basketball and track and field at many different levels.

Awards secured by the school include:

  • The Hanover Jamaica Committee Golden Award 1962-2012 for Hanover's Most Outstanding High School (August 4, 2012).
  • JA-STYLE Plaque in recognition of contribution to the success of JA-STYLE Adolescent Healthy Lifestyle activities in Jamaica, February 2005 to September 2008.
  • Forestry Department - third place in 2011 poster competition.
  • CATS - All-Island Computer Software Competition and Exhibition - Best School Performance - Western Division (County of Cornwall).
  • Jamaica Cultural Development Commission's festival of the arts - one gold in 2009 for speech; four golds in music; four silver in music, one silver for speech.
  • LASCO Culinary Competition, 1997 - Most Outstanding School Award and Best School Entry.
  • National Tourism Quiz Zone champions in 2000 and 2001.
  • RJR Communications Group Champion Trophy.
  • Hanover 4-H Club Achievement Day 2007 - first place, public speaking.
  • Hanover 4-H JNBS Challenge Trophy Public Speaking Champions 2011. 

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