Seven New Year's resolutions to boost your relationship

Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer

You have probably been doing some amount of reflection leading up to the New Year, especially regarding your relationship with bae. You've both had some pretty good days, and a few awful ones too, which leaves you wondering if it is really worth it. Start the New Year on a positive note and see if our seven New Year's resolutions to boost your relationship will bring you and bae closer for a more promising 2016.

1 Set tech-free zones Staying connected is crucial given the era in which we live. This is the age of technology after all and instant messaging and social media have taken over our lives. However, when you disconnect and give bae your undivided attention, it shows how important he or she is to you. Set aside some time each day for this, and watch your communication level boost from 0-100.

2 Share your feelings, not your thoughts It's easy to get caught up in name-calling and bickering during an argument. Your intention is to get the other person to see things from your perspective and validate your points, but you end up shouting and blaming the other person instead. Stop and try to share how you feel about the situation. Replace statements like 'You never remember anything, you're such a jerk' with 'I feel hurt and disappointed that you forgot'.

3 Let go of the past The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to lay old squabbles to rest. Your relationship will never move forward if you hold on to past disagreements, for they will only cause you to grow resentful towards the person. So, this year, make it your mission to leave the past where it belongs. Learn from it and create new memories.

4 Think positively If there are things in your relationship that get you down, it is easy to fall into the trap of negativity. Focus on the positives in your relationship. This will change the way you react to certain situations and, ultimately, lead to fewer arguments.

5 Work on emotional intelligence
What is emotional intelligence? It is the ability to identify, assess, and manage your own emotions and those of the people around you. People who are emotionally intelligent tend to have better-quality relationships. This might not come naturally with everyone, but it is something that can be achieved with time and practice.

6 Do random acts Let's face it, schedules can get busy and you may not always find time for each other. However, do not let that stop you from showing some love. Be mindful of what bae's schedule looks like and work around it for him or her. Maybe you could pick up lunch or a light snack, anything that involves easing his or her heavy load during the day.

7 Initiate change Though you have no right to try and change a person, you do have the power to change how things are between the two of you. Make simple, subtle changes that will lead to a difference in the way you interact with each other.

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