Memba dis? - CD player

Srinivas Malladi, Youthlink Writer

The rise of iPods, MP3 players and video-sharing websites like YouTube have changed the way music enthusiasts exercise their eardrums and enjoy their passion. CD player, what's that? It's rare to see a portable compact disc (CD) player these days, much less to see one being used. So, let's take a look at this old friend - and see how much we can remember.


Samsung Gear 2 Review

Payton H. Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

For two weeks, I have had the pleasure of wearing a Samsung Gear 2 to see if smartwatches have become a necessity or a fad. Two weeks of travelling from home to work and back again, just to see how it can help a simple man like me on a daily basis. So, what have I learnt within the two weeks?


These are what make this watch tick.


Payton H. Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

The one thing that is better than five for less than five is a 50 per cent-off summer sale on games. That, my friends, is 'music to my pockets'. This week, I have five games, which were being sold for 50 per cent less than the original price tag, that will sooth your aching pocket and calm your shaky nerves. 

Bioshock 2 (8 out of 10)

Infamous: Second Son, the True Next-Gen Experience

Payton H. Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

It's been five months since I've owned my Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) yet I can count on one hand the number of games I have played on this next-generation system. None of those games have actually shown off the strengths of the PS4 - until now.