4 genius gadgets for school

Payton H. Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

IN THESE times, persons have to be smart about what they purchase to use on a daily basis. Sometimes cheaper isn't necessarily better, and even the best can be substituted for something cheaper yet suitable. All that's needed is guidance to help you, the consumer, along the right road.

#1 Power banks

Cameras vs camera phones

Payton H. Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

Discussions about 'real' cameras versus cell phone cameras, and which is better versus which is obsolete always seem to get persons into heated arguments; and it's hard to really discredit any opinion when there are cell phones boasting 41 megapixels. This week, I will put both products up against one another to see which will emerge as best portable camera champion. 

Meet the contenders

Memba dis?- Pac-Man

Srinivas Malladi, Youthlink Writer

Who would have thought that one of the most popular arcade games in the history of arcade games would have featured a pie-shaped character running around a maze in search of yellow dots while avoiding colourful and energetic ghosts? I do hope this description was enough to spark a memory. Have you figured it out yet?


Memba dis? - Floppy disk

Srinivas Malladi, Youthlink Writer

As we all hurry through our busy lives we find ourselves depending more and more on machines, especially because of the data they can hold. Back in the day, there was one particular device which revolutionised data portability. How much do you remember about the floppy disk?