Infamous: Second Son, the True Next-Gen Experience

Payton H. Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

It's been five months since I've owned my Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) yet I can count on one hand the number of games I have played on this next-generation system. None of those games have actually shown off the strengths of the PS4 - until now.

The 5th time around

Payton H. Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

It's been more than a month since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but many persons are still on the fence with regard to moving from their current android smartphone to this new flagship phone from Samsung. What does the Galaxy S5 have that other smartphones available on the market do not have? Is it a true upgrade to the Galaxy S4? Find out.

Memba dis? - Game Boy Advance

Srinivas Malladi, Youthlink Writer

Almost every gamer in Jamaica today has handled or heard about the Game Boy Advance (GBA) before. Unfortunately, it's rare to see one in action as many players have moved on to more modern game consoles like Sony's PS3, Microsoft's Xbox, or Nintendo's Wii, to name a few. Nevertheless, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance can be considered one of the greats in video game console history - and here's why.


5 for less than 5

Payton H. Wilmott, Youthlink Writer

I can't remember the last time I sat and played a full game, much less reviewed one. All forms of tablets and gadgets have drawn me away from my first, true love. Well, no more! This week, I bring to you not one, nor two, but five games that are available for less than $5,000 each. I had to grind through two weekends to get it done, but I wouldn't be stopped.