Welcome to Kellits High!


Chad Bryan, Youthlink Writer

Kellits High School, a known government, coeducational institution, was established in 1970 with an estimated 500 students, approximately 17 teachers, one clerical assistant, four cooks and three casual workers. Edward Dinnal was principal at the time.

It was first called Kellits Junior Secondary School, but in 1974, it was upgraded to Kellits Secondary School, then catering to students from grades seven to 11. Students entered the secondary intuition from neighbouring primary and all-age schools, including Authur's Seat, Morgan's Pass, McNie, Prospect, Brandon Hill and Bunkers Hill, Kellits and Fort George.

In 1998, the school was reclassified as Kellits Comprehensive High and, finally, in 2000, it was granted its current designation, Kellits High School. Today, the population stands at 1,100 students, approximately 51 teachers, a 14-member ancillary staff and an eight-person administration. 

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