Westwood High - Rocking the Jippi Jappa


Facts on Westwood High

  • Westwood High School was opened in January, 1882, by William Webb to provide less-fortunate girls with the opportunity to get an education.
  • Its vision was that all girls, despite class, colour, or creed, should be treated with an equal level of respect.
  • The school started with six girls and one teacher/headmistress, Ms Annie Fray.
  • It currently boasts 737 girls and 35 teachers.
  • Westwood High School is run by principal and past student Miss Karen Francis; Miss Maureen Johnson, who is the vice-principal in charge of boarding, and Mr Lascelles Gabbidon, the vice-principal in charge of academics.
  • Westwood's overall pass rate in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations for 2012 was 98.22 per cent.
  • The school has won the Jamaica Public Service Science and Technology Expo Competition more than five times. It has also won the Inter-School Christian Fellowship walkathon competition for more than 25 years.
  • Past head girl Keona Bailey topped the 2012 Scientific Research Council oratorial competition held in Trinidad.


Photos courtesy of Jessica Charley, Naomi Redway, Toni-Jade Chin, Kadian Hyllam, Nia Green and Ashlie ParchmenJessica Charley, Naomi Redway, Toni-Jade Chin, Ashlie Parchment, Kadian Hyllam, Nia Green and Mikaelia Morris. 

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