Wolmer's BBQ a hit

Lamando Shepherd, Youthlink Writer

After The Flow Super Cup final, Wolmer's High School for Boys hosted its annual BBQ and teens, along with parents, turned out to enjoy an energetic, fun-filled night and some delicious food. There were giveaways, gate prizes and competitions, but the event climaxed with teens dancing non-stop on the grounds of Mas Camp.


The turnout was great, as expected, especially since another major social event was being held not too far from the venue.

Way-up Moment

This definitely goes to the party section of the night, due to the a DJ competition which had some teens upset because they just wanted to party. As soon as the competition was over and the party vibe settled, the patrons went wild with energy.

Unlikely 'Forward'

Definitely PrincePine's My Girl Dem. I didn't expect it to get as much attention, but it was played and got plenty 'forwards'.

Repeat Or Nah?

Seeing that it's an annual event, it is bound to be repeated and Youthlink, especially since it promotes a massive party vibe at this and last year's staging. 

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