Yallahs High splashes with excitement


Biko Kennedy, Youthlink Writer

On Thursday, October 18, the Honey Bun School Dayz team journeyed to St Thomas for its stop at Yallahs High. With the school motto 'Work to Achieve', students came out in their numbers in spite of sporadic rainfall.

"Today was really fun having the Honey Bun team present, mainly because other days we'd have to rely on our imagination and idle conversations to entertain ourselves," shares Chevaneese Burke, chuckling at the thought. "The rain kind of spoilt the day - with you guys having to leave a bit earlier than expected - but, hopefully, you guys will come another day when it's not raining. Honestly, I think the rain fueled my fellow schoolmates' energy ... then again we're just a bunch of energetic lot," she continued, with a warm smile painted across her face.

As usual, students were treated to performances from their schoolmates who entered the Honey Bun singathon competition and on-the-spot dance-off contest. "Everybody going crazy over this Gangnam style ... time for y'all to catch up to the Yallahs style," shouted a voice from the stands as the days' MC cued Psy's hit single Gangnam Style.

"I really didn't expect the promotion you guys have to be so full of life, but right now I have to be eating my words," confessed Andrene Cato. "I thought it would be just another boring sales pitch from a company, but ... wow ... ting tun up inna di school todeh man!" she continued.

The Honey Bun School Dayz tour is coming to a school near you. Look out and stay tuned to ZIP 103 and the Gleaner's Youthlink for weekly updates. 

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