Youthlink at home at The Nest


Racquel Simpson and Danielle McCook, Youthlink Writers

Every year our team sets aside a day to interact and share with our friends at The Salvation Army's The Nest Children's Home. On Saturday, December 8, we boarded the bus and set out en route to 57 Mannings Hill Road.

With sponsors Reggae Jammin, Crazy Jim, Honey Bun and, most recently, IslandSmiles Orthodontics onboard, the day lived up to its usual expectations. Reggae Jammin, Crazy Jim and Honey Bun made sure that hunger was not a problem as we feasted on hotdogs, ice cream and pastries. Island Smiles Orthodontics, however, came bearing gifts for the children 12 years and under. not to be left out, Youthlink engaged the teens in fun-filled outdoor activities.

Not even the sudden threat of rain could spoil the fun of organised games including pin the tail on the donkey, a goldie-eating contest and a dance-off between Honey Bun and Reggae Jammin mascots. There could also have been a Michael Jackson dance-off but no one was brave enough to take on writer Biko Kennedy's very entertaining moves.

Administrator Major Carol Roberts, as always, expressed her gratitude. "This is a wonderful kind of partnership which gives the children an opportunity to see other young people like themselves in action. It motivates them to want to be of similar character in the future," she declared. She extended appreciation to IslandSmiles for being a part of the initiative as well. "I know what it means when we get new people on board. It spells growth, it spells involvement. It says that someone cares about us enough to get on board and help us in the way forward, and that's a very good gesture."

Youthlink Coordinator Kareem LaTouche also expressed gratitude to the sponsors for their willingness to reach out to those in need.

A Word from Our Sponsors

Reggae Jammin

"Reggae Jammin was pleased to partner with Youthlink once again with another staging of their charity event held at The Nest. Our team enjoyed spending time with the children while treating them to our delicious Reggae Jammin hotdogs. The frankfurter mascots, Jumbo Jack, Jerri Jerk and Jammi kept them entertained with the latest dance moves. The smiles on their faces were priceless. Once again, a memorable moment created through collaboration for a great cause."

- Racquel Rowe-Watson Brand Officer

IslandSmiles Orthodontics

"This year we decided that we wanted to give back instead of having our annual staff Christmas party. When we were asked to come on board with Youthlink, it was a very exciting moment as well as a timely opportunity as it related to us wanting to give back. Our part in this initiative was strengthened with the help of our patients who donated gifts for the children. At Christmas time it can be quiet lonely, especially for children who might not be around parents. We were very pleased that we were able to create a kind of bonding atmosphere for them."

- Tanya Webster Assistant Orthodontist

Smith & Stewart Distributor (Crazy Jim)

This partnership has now become a staple for the Crazy Jim Family, and we are truly honored each year to be allowed the opportunity to give our time and delicious CJ ice cream to the children.

The beautiful smiles and excited chatter warm our hearts, making the exchange that more fulfilling. We also see this initiative as an extension of our annual "Bringing Smiles Home" socially responsible campaign that is geared specifically at treating the less fortunate, particularly children and seniors during the festive season.

- Yolande Fullwood Sales and Marketing Manager

Honey Bun

"We feel very honored and grateful that the YouthLink invited Honey Bun to be apart of this outreach project. It's always nice for us when we have an opportunity to put a smile on the face of a child, or the less fortunate. We believe its very important for companies in Jamaica to contribute to building our communities all year round."

- Krystal Chong Chief marketing Officer

Outreach 2 - Youthlink writer Latara Boodie tries to restore her balance to pin the tail on the donkey after she was blindfolded and spun around. 

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