Samsung’s Flip transforms the modern meeting

Kareem LaTouche, Youthlink Coordinator

At CES 2018, Samsung Flip shows  how ideas can be instantaneously  shared across devices and how  multiple people can contribute, widen and  build on ideas in real time.  Samsung Electronics Company Limited  offered CES 2018 attendees a first look into  its vision for a ‘Workplace of the Future’ with  the unveiling of its new Samsung Flip digital  flip chart display. Introduced at the  company’s First Look event, the Samsung  Flip WM55H promotes more collaborative  digital engagement by alleviating the most  prominent challenges businesses face when  organising, facilitating and recapping  meetings.    

An upgrade on both standard paper flip  charts and analog boards, the Samsung Flip  display expands opportunities to generate  game-changing ideas while maintaining the  familiar feel of traditional writing. However,  unlike its predecessors, Samsung Flip allows  easy sharing, annotation, movement and  even searching, as well as the ability for  multiple users to create content at once.  Additionally, the Flip’s portable, wheel-based  stand transforms any location into a huddle  room, meaning added flexibility to businesses  with limited conference space. Finally, the  Flip display’s intuitive interface is specifically  designed to be user-friendly and allow for  timely, uninterrupted conversation.  “The often-flawed logistics of the modern  meeting make it easy for participants to feel  disengaged and for vital ideas and discoveries  to become lost,” said Seog-gi Kim, executive  vice-president of visual display business at  Samsung Electronics. “Today’s workers  require more powerful and flexible  technologies, and we truly believe that our  new Samsung Flip display offers endless  possibilities for driving impactful  collaboration. We are excited to debut the  Samsung Flip at CES 2018, and we look  forward to building upon this technology to  help businesses work better, smarter and  faster.”


Through simultaneous multi-user  engagement, the Samsung Flip ensures that  all voices and ideas are heard during a given  meeting. Up to four different participants can  introduce content or annotate directly on  screen at the same time, using either their  fingers or a dual-sided pen. In doing so, each  user can customise his or her own writing  style, size and colour, with each notation  made clear and visible by viewer-friendly  UHD resolution.  For added interactivity, the Samsung Flip  display also offers extensive device  compatibility through wireless connectivity  and USB, PC and mobile ports. An  integrated screen-sharing functionality  makes Flip content available on connected  PCs, smartphones and tablets without  interruption or reduced visual quality.  Likewise, users can also import personally  stored content on to the Flip display’s screen  and introduce fresh ideas to the discussion.    


 The Samsung Flip display delivers  unprecedented collaboration efficiency by  condensing the multiple tools and processes  required for a traditional meeting into a  sleek, stylish, all-in-one design. Participants  do not need a specialised touch pen to  interact with the screen, and can erase notes  through a quick palm swipe. Flip users can  also access up to 20 pages of writing space,  with embedded search functionalities  available to instantly direct participants to  specific content. This continuous, rolling  stream avoids the lost time and interruptions  that often result as participants have to  search through multiple sheets of paper or  lines of notes to locate a specific detail.  Each Flip display is customisable and can  configure to portrait or landscape  orientations to suit unique meeting needs.  When coupled with its height-adjustable  stand, the Flip also maximises available  writing space at users’ preferred positions.  Should a meeting require more centralised,  round-table-style discussion, users can  remove and connect the Flip display to a  compatible wall mount.    


As meetings wrap up, the Samsung Flip  display securely stores all content within a  central database, eliminating the need for  cumbersome recaps or handwritten  transcription. An airtight, password-based  protection system safeguards meeting details  and ensures that only approved users can  access the information. Once logged in,  meeting facilitators and participants can  download and share featured content  through email or traditional printing. Users  can, additionally, save meeting notes to a  USB drive or other external sources.  Following its CES 2018 launch and  ensuing availability in the United States and  Europe, Samsung plans to introduce the Flip  display to global professional users later this  month. The Samsung Flip display also will be  available for purchase through online and  brick-and-mortar furniture retailers, as well  as traditional professional B2B display  channels.    To learn more about the Samsung Flip  display and access related Samsung  Newsroom articles, photos and videos, visit  


Samsung inspires the world and shapes the  future with transformative ideas and  technologies. The company is redefining the  worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable  devices, tablets, digital appliances, network  systems, memory and system LSI, foundry  and LED solutions.

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