Bark and Bite

Danik Frazer, Youthlink Writer

Cocktail at Lillian's

Rushaine Clarke, Youthlink Writer

The University of Technology Event Management team recently hosted a cocktail party at Lillian's Restaurant, on the compound, in the hope of obtaining enough funds to aid in the refurbishment of the Jamaica National Children's Home which is located behind the university's Papine campus. The home shelters between 75 and 80 children, from ages seven to 18, but its deplorable roof is in desperate need of repair.

Clarendon College at its full burst!

Rushaine Clarke, Youthlink Writer

The Miss Kitty School Life tour made an epic stop at Clarendon College and, as some of the students would have said, "It shell dung the place!" Though it started off a bit slowly, because almost everyone was tired from the early-morning long drive to Clarendon, the students infused their enthusiasm into the team and were kind enough to even lend tour coordinator Tazhna Williams their bicycle.

Album spins


Artiste: The Fray
Label: Epic Records
Genre: Alternative rock
Release date: February 25, 2014
Ratings: 3/5 stars
Key tracks: Hold My Hand, Love Don't Die