'Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran

[Verse 1]

Black conscious music

Tashana Hutchinson, Youthlink Writer

In honour of Black History Month, I've prepared a compilation of some of the most conscious musicians/music groups from around the world.

Mr Probz

This Dutch artiste raps, produces and acts. In 2013, he released the song, Waves, which brought him great success and was remixed the following year by Robin Schulz, which made Mr Probz even more popular.


Music on the streets

Mark and Candy, Youthlink's dynamic, crazy duo, are back to give their views on some of the hottest songs blazing the airwaves, taking over our tubes and keeping us hype on the dance floor. Let's consider some of our national heroes and heroine in a totally different light. If they were artistes, these are the songs we believe they would sing.

Marcus Garvey

Love is in the air!

Tashana Hutchinson, Youthlink Writer

Ahhh! Love is in the air, especially if you happen to be in a relationship this Valentine's Day. Whether it be long distance, 'friends' zone (unfortunately) or if you and your companion are still going strong, Valentine's Day is something to celebrate. Even singers and musicians experience the same things we do and, thankfully, a few well-known songs have been performed and now selected for your appropriate romance situation. Happy Valentine's Day!