'Blank Space' by Taylor Swift

Tashana Hutchinson, Youthlink Writer

Music on the streets

Mark and Candy, Youthlink's dynamic, crazy duo, are back to give their views on some of the hottest songs blazing the airwaves, taking over our tubes and keeping us hype on the dance floor.

'Yes You Can' by Sizzla

THE BEST OF music on the streets

The year finally came to an end. In 2014, MOS featured a number of songs that had the potential to become hits. Now, Mark and Candy, Youthlink's dynamic, straightforward and crazy duo, will discuss which songs really rocked and dominated last year's charts.

'Who Knows' by Protoje, featuring Chronixx

7 artistes you'd want to invite for Christmas dinner

That afternoon dinner on the 25th is always an amazing experience shared with close relatives, random cousins whose names you don't really remember, and that suspicious-looking guy/girl that someone keeps inviting every year. Nonetheless, those few hours of conversing and celebrating are what we all look forward to each year. If given an unusual opportunity, though, to fill your home with your favourite artistes, whom would you invite and what would they do?

7. Samantha J: To host the evening