Konshens' Music To Fund a Cause

Popular entertainer and LIME brand ambassador Konshens has always had philanthropic tendencies; so much so that he has earned great admiration from fans and beneficiaries for his efforts. Continuing on this path, the artiste has conceptualised a high-school tour, dubbed 'Music to Fund a Cause', which will see several schools benefiting from a series of concerts.

Top-5 must-see movies this summer

Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer

Summer is approaching; the time to kick back and relax with your friends and family, and what better thing to do than to get together and watch a really good movie. Can't figure out the best movies to watch this summer? No worries, check out our top five must-watch movies for summer 2015.
*Disclaimer: Movies have been listed in no particular order.

Paper Towns

Ding Dong

Tashana Hutchinson, Youthlink Writer

Force Ripe

Lamando Shepherd, Youthlink Writer

'Force ripe' is a term to which many Jamaicans are accustomed, but perhaps they have never really understood it. Now, thanks to Barracks Entertainment, students and parents can get a sense of what it really means via its latest production, Force Ripe.