On guard!

Jhanelle Brown, Youthlink Writer

Italy's Giovanna Trillini (right) continues to fight as Russia's Aida Shanaeva falls to the floor in competition in the women's individual foil fencing event Monday, August 11, 2008, at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. - AP

Schoolboy football season

Jhanelle Brown, Youthlink writer

Jamaica male netball team

Jhanelle Brown, Youthlink Writer

The Jamaica male netball team, yes - men play netball, is aiming to participate in the staging of the World Men's and Mixed Netball Championships to be held in September this year. What do you think about the fact that males play netball, which is predominantly a 'female' sport?

Jaheel Hyde: pure gold

Robert Bailey, Contributor

Newly crowned World Junior 400m hurdles champion Jaheel Hyde said his parents were the driving force behind his smashing victory at the 15th World Junior Championships in Eugene, Oregon, which ended on July 27.