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Kareem LaTouche, Youthlink Coordinator

With the stress of tests, homework and exams, we’re always in search of ways to remember information. Of course, studying is the essential and traditional way to do this; however, as a generation of millennials, there’s no reason we can’t use technology to help keep our memories fresh. Here are four useful technological methods to remembering better.

4. All those notes being dictated in classrooms are arguably one of the hardest things to remember while writing, and especially after class. Sometimes it would be better if we could just have the class again. A dictaphone facilitates an audible revisit to the classroom by allowing you to record any notes that may have been dictated during class. So, no need to strain your hands writing pages of notes, or your memory trying to remember what was said. In a list of gadget suggestions for college students, suggested the Olympus VN-7200 version of a dictaphone. It is said to be a small and sturdy device with a long battery life and relatively cheap price.

3. This application for foreign language students is available for iPhones as well as Android. The app is free and facilitates timed practice sessions for the foreign language of your choice, and allows users to learn quickly and remember through a fun, game-like fashion of teaching. Most importantly, the app allows users to set reminders for practice sessions at any time of the day. The app will notify users so they don’t forget to practice.

2. A simple but sometimes challenging thing that we need to be reminded to do is waking up. Many of us can be accused of oversleeping more times than we would like. Deep sleepers, or an individual who is simply bone tired, can often sleep through several preset phone alarms. The Nixie Ramos alarm clock is designed to not only wake the user, but forces him/her to get out of bed and enter a code in order to silence the alarm. A deep sleeper might just find it significantly harder to sleep through an alarm that refuses to stop blaring until one actually gets up. While the particular brand of alarm clock is expensive, other gadgets of similar function can be found for cheaper prices.

1. One of the most old-fashioned ways of preventing ourselves from forgetting is making lists. However, in our modern times, apps such as Wunderlist are created specifically for this purpose.

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