That’s My Style!

Saturday Gleaner: Kymarly Booth

Singer, Entrepurneur and Father are just a few of the roles associated with Jamaican Artist Cezar Cummingham, who was able to make time with Saturday Life, to share the scoop on his Style.

Name: Cezar Cunningham
Occupation: Singer and Co-owner for Base Kingston
Belt: Antik
Shirt: I&I Clothing
Jacket: Vintage
Pants: True Religion
Shoes: Penquin
Jewellery: Variety of stores
What is your number 1 must have item of the summer 2010?
A Good pair of Shorts

12 New Artistes of the summer

Betcha you Haven’t Heard: Bryan Art
Mikail Samuels, Youthlink Writer

Name: Bryan Grant
Full Time Occupation: Musician
Sounds like: Bryan Art, my sound is unique and I am confident that I sound like no one.
First song I remember playing is: Ghetto Girl – Dennis Brown

Growing up with a natural love and dedication for music, Bryan Grant or rather Bryan Art has made his dream of entertaining people a reality. He is most famous for his household and street dancehall vibe music with songs such as: Get it and Rock and Come in and has recently released his first debut album 20Ten.

The Chemistry of Collaboration

Part I: Building a Relationship with Chino and Alaine
Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writer

In the music industry the popularity of male/female artiste collaborations is rising and is considered better than competition among musicians. But how can two individuals of opposite sex and originating from different sides of the charts and moreover different backgrounds make a successful hit. This week Youthlink (YL) sits with Chino (C), who comes from a family of humble musicians and the New Jersey born songstress, Alaine (A), to discuss the relationship aspect of musical collaborations. While fans worldwide may rumour their relationship, as being ‘too close’ maybe it’s just that they share more in common than we think.