Joerio Scott, Youthlink Writer
Mikhail D. Henry, Youthlink Writer "Congratulations" is what I said; "I'll beat you next time" is what I was thinking. Competition between friends can be a feeding ground for jealousy or a level playing field for healthy rivalry. Which is it in these situations?
Mikhail D. Henry, Youthlink Writer
Danik Frazer and Zahra Henry, Youthlink Writers Whether they're working or in school, whether they're uptown or downtown, one thing that most teens love to do is party. Partygoers come in all different forms, from the promo girls to the two-for-one deal snatchers. As the good times are rolling, you're bound to come across a few of them or you may just be one yourself! Take a look at the typical party characters, in no particular order.
Mikhail D. Henry, Youthlink Writer Parties are a huge part of our social lives, especially during the summer, but can we really be trusted to make the right choices when it comes to partying?
Mikhail D. Henry, Youthlink Writer '5 Things to never do after a fight' was a really relatable and interesting article.
This is the best time of the year. We can wake up whenever we want, hang out with friends for as long as we want and, basically, do almost anything we want. If you love to cook or if you love to eat, then why not try these quick, super-easy-to-make meals via recipes from Gourmet Fitness executive chef Christian Sweeney. Go ahead, show off your chef skills this summer! Chinese BBQ Ham and Pineapple Skewers
Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer An essential part of summer is to maximise on the free time we have as young adults. The time spent with our friends and family is key to creating fond memories on which to reminisce during our twilight years. Go somewhere, this summer, and create fond memories. Need suggestions? As your trusty adviser, Youthlink is here to help. Read our take on Jewel Paradise Cove. Hotel Profile
Student interest in the JN Foundation's Resolution Project has consistently grown over the last 10 years as some 108 entries, from a total of 1,500 submitted by budding photographers, from 30 high schools, will vie for awards in the 2014 Resolution Project photography competition. Culminating in an awards ceremony at the Olympia Gallery, Hope Road, St Andrew, on July 15, Amashika Lorne, project officer at the JN Foundation, said that the photographic work and enthusiasm of the students have been encouraging and impressive.
Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer Now that summer is here and with it has come scorching temperatures, a family getaway destination is the ideal place at which to cool off. As your trusty adviser, Youthlink will fill you in on all you here to help. Check out this review of RIU hotel in Montego Bay. Hotel Profile