Naomi Redway, Youthlink Writer
Chanel Spence, Youthlink Writer Issue: November 25-December 1, 2014 Jahwanza, 15
Zoundria Kanhai, Contributor
Angela deFreitas, Contributor The awesome responsibility of ensuring the safety of air traffic in the sky and on the ground is the work of an air traffic controller. WHO IS AN AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER?
Dear Counsellor, I am just seeking advice and/or words of encouragement. We've all done something in our lives that we wish we could change but, sadly, we cannot, so we just have to accept it and move on. Here's mine.
Chanel Spence, Youthlink Writer As a team that is interested in the youth, we would like to know your views on certain sections of the magazine. This week the focus will be on 'Style', by Samantha Minott, and 'Quiz', by Zoundria Kanhai. What's your opinion on their work?
Naomi Redway, Youthlink Writer It is true that best friends generally have many things in common. A special bond is created that draws these individuals together, making them nearly inseparable. The question, however, is how well do they really know one another? Do they genuinely have the same things in common? In this week's segment, best friends Nia Green and Amoy Barrett put the strength of their friendship to the test. Maximum score = 4 points.
Zoundria Kanhai, Youthlink Writer Find out what kind of crazy you are with this quiz about nuts. Get it?
Have you ever sung the wrong lyrics to a song for years simply because you thought that's what it said? No worries! You're not the only one. Here are some commonly misheard song lyrics. 1) 'Rendez-vu' - Basement Jaxx Misheard lyric: You're making kids around me.Actual lyric: "Your magic it surrounds me."  2) 'Leave it All to Me' - Miranda Cosgrove