Chanel Spence, Youthlink Writer
Have you ever sung the wrong lyrics to a song for years simply because you thought that was what it said? No worries! You're not the only one. Here are some commonly misheard song lyrics. 'Stay With Me' by Sam Smith Misheard lyrics: "This love ain't clear to see, so darling stay with me ... ."Actual lyrics: "This ain't love, it's clear to see, but darling stay with me ... ." 'Am I wrong?' by Nico and Vinz
Ever wanted something to brighten your day? Something to really make you think? Here are some weird, jaw-dropping facts! 1) Twelve newborns are given to the wrong parents on a daily basis. 2) A cow produces 200 times the amount of gas that a person produces each day. 3) Charles Osborne had hiccups for six years. 4) Canada is an Indian word which means 'big village'. 5) Chewing gum while peeling onions will prevent you from crying.
Chanel Spence, Youthlink Writer When you look at an optical illusion, you may think that your eyes are playing tricks on you. They're not. It's your brain that's the trickster! Let's look at these images together. The picture speaks for itself. Answer: OMG! What word is this?
Angela deFreitas, Contributor How do you feel about where you live, go to school and spend time generally? Do you think you could make the spaces which people inhabit for life and work look and function better for the purpose? That is what the work of an architect is all about.
Dear Counsellor,
Diana Arias-Lazcano, Youthlink Writer 1. While waiting for your bus, a police officer approaches you and demands that you open your bag for him/her to search it ,yet he/she has not given a valid reason for the search. Would you rather go along with it OR refuse to cooperate?
Mickella Anderson, Youthlink Writer In this section I appraise, in dollar value, things that do and don't make sense. If an issue is of great importance to me, I will give it a value of $1,000. Every subsequent issue will be given a reduced dollar value to reflect its decreasing significance to me. $1,000 - Am I not your daughter and sister?
Chanel Spence, Youthlink Writer
'Redemption Song' by Bob Marley Misheard lyrics: "It is all I forever have!"Actual lyrics: " 'Cause all I ever have!" 'Capture Land' by Chronixx Misheard lyrics: "Run di driva, mi know sins a haunt yuh."Actual lyrics: "Old slave driver, mi know yuh sins dem a haunt yuh." 'Welcome to Jamrock' by Damian Marley