Getting dressed for ball

Jhanelle Brown, Youthlink Writer

Most students eagerly anticipate their high-school ball, which comes at the end of five gruelling years. In preparation for this one night of unforgettable memories, 'ballgoers' can spend hours shopping for the perfect dress, tuxedo and accessories. Here are a few tips they should keep in mind, though:

1. Too much glitter is a no-no

Hey, You Boy (Stylish tips)

Naomi Redway and Ashley Hill, Youthlink Writers

Be Unique

Ashley Hill, Youthlink Writer

To be unique is to show individuality through dress, walk, talk and other things. Today, no teen follows just one trend any more. Instead, he/she puts different trends together to arrive at a most interesting blend.

Why be unique

Abenah Gonzalez - Fashionably inspiring

Latara Boodie, Youthlink Writer