A guy's guide to bucket hats

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

Over the last couple of months, many fashion trends have been visible in Jamaica, including bucket hats for men. To some extent, they have become so popular that very few guys are seen without one. In this guide to bucket hats, Youthlink will show you how to pull one off and make it your own.

Too floppy

Summer dresses for your body type

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

With so many different body shapes, not all dress designs will look good on everyone. Once you are able to find the perfect one for you, though, it will look fantastic. Here are some summer-dress styles to fit different body shapes.


Summer shades

Samantha Minott, Youthlink Writer

The summer's here, guys, and what better time to rock your shades. Don't know which style is right for you? We've got you covered.

What's your face shape?

Prom shoe guide

Samantha Minott | Youthlink

Now that many girls have their prom dresses ready to go, it is important to find those perfect shoes to dance the night away or to causally slip off as you enter the dance floor. Shoes are sometimes overlooked but they can be important when it comes to finishing off that perfect prom look. With this ball shoe guide Youthlink will help you fell like Cinderella, if she kept her shoes, of course. 

Long dresses