Join the tribe

Stephanie Lyew and Danielle McCook, Youthlink Writers

Prints usually tell a story; each piece or pattern is a sentence so to speak. The story of African textiles dates beyond the era of slavery. Young African men were taught the art of weaving, while females spun thread and made the dyes. During slavery talents of slaves were said to have been exploited by slave owners as a way to generate additional income.

Machu Ezra: A slice of gentleman

Danielle McCook and Stephanie Lyew, Youthlink Writers

We're exposing Machu Ezra's style this week and, from what we've seen, there's no shortcut when it comes to his image. The soulful Exposed and Shortcut singer likes to mix African culture with urban trends to really bring across that he is a Jamaican R&B/reggae artiste fused into one.

YVA Fashion Rundown

Renée Whitelocke and Danielle McCook, Youthlink Writer

It's no secret that fashion is the highest priority at awards shows; the overall consensus is always to dress to impress. From the teens to the celebrity attendees, this was definitely one of the most fashion forward YVAs yet. After six years, it is safe to say attendees have finally found their YVAs fashion footing. Youthlink was on hand to ask the most important fashion question: What was the inspiration behind tonight's outfit? 

My stylin'

Danielle McCook, Youthlink Writer

School bag, check. Combat boots, denim jacket, high-waist pants, lipstick, check, check, check and check! With all her boxes checked, Kristia Franklin is ready to take on this school term; notebooks and lipstick at the ready, and a flawless wardrobe to guarantee a balance between classes and social events.